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The Book I Want To Write…

…is called RESOLVE. It is about responding to AMBIVALENCE. You know ambivalence. It is the drag of that forgotten emergency brake.  Much of my personal journey has been learning to face and resolve ambivalence. My wife once asked me why … Continue reading

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Is it your boss? Or is it you?

“She micromanages”, “He delegates too much”, “She doesn’t allow us to give our input”, “His requests are indecipherable”, “She demands too much in too little time”. The list could go on and on. Difficult bosses. They seem determined to make … Continue reading

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M&A: Managing the ´soft stuff´

“Hostile takeover”, “culture clash”, “turf wars”, “us against them” – phrases commonly applied to M&A, often in retrospect to describe why expectations that rode high at the start failed to be delivered. These are telling words of conflict; it’s easy … Continue reading

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