It Takes More Than IQ

Successful business professionals and leaders have well developed critical thinking skills and solid IQ along with strong functional and market knowledge. These have been honed and developed over the years in academic training and business experience. We naturally rely heavily on those skills to resolve critical business challenges. Great leaders however know that it takes much more than intellect and knowledge to solve business issues, especially those that require engaging and inspiring our people to give their very best.

Great leaders lead with their heart, have a clear set of beliefs and values and combine cognitive and rational skills with well-developed emotional intelligence (EQ). They understand that what separates them from successful leaders is not IQ, talent or skill, but their ability to harness the talent to get the best possible outcome. It is similar to the difference between a star and a superstar athlete who have pretty much the same talent, skill and fitness levels. What separates them is the mindset, the mental makeup.

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