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On Fear of Failure – the Value of Being ‘Out There’

I haven’t quite got the hang of blogging yet … but it strikes me that here’s a chance to explore this issue of courage, and not only in theory. Even exposing my thoughts and feelings on a blog feels risky … Continue reading

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Why Not Tell Your Boss He’s Driving You Crazy?

From the blogs I’ve read, many people are unhappy at work. We complain about bosses, and organisations, that drive us crazy. They don’t make sense, they ignore the reality of getting the job done, they say one thing but do … Continue reading

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Conscious Business in Action: On Undiscussables – From Permission to Courage

Is your job driving you insane? Yes, so many people say so, yes they have experienced frustrations, disappointments, toxic cultures, impossible bosses. But, they want to do a good job, to make a difference, to be productive. So what practical … Continue reading

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