Why Not Tell Your Boss He’s Driving You Crazy?

CourageFrom the blogs I’ve read, many people are unhappy at work. We complain about bosses, and organisations, that drive us crazy. They don’t make sense, they ignore the reality of getting the job done, they say one thing but do another, they are impatient but refuse to give us the resources we need … the list goes on. So why do we put up with it? Why do we settle for the irritation, the angst, the unhappiness?

Last year I left my husband of thirty years, it was the most painful decision I have ever made. For three years I was desperately unhappy, complained about him, blamed him, tried to resolve the conflicts… and, once I chose to leave, I felt like a failure. But then a friend – someone I respect and admire – said ‘That must have taken a lot of courage‘. I was shocked, I didn’t see myself as a courageous person, leaving was not a courageous act in my book.

This one comment changed my perspective, it sent me on a search for meaning, what does it mean to live courageously?

My search for courage led me to this: ‘Dare to be my true self, in spite of my fears‘. Hmm, so what does that mean for me? It means going beyond the fears that lead me to play small in relationships, at work and at home. To let myself go beyond the fear of what others will think, beyond the fear of how they might react, beyond the fear of the unknown.

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