Francisco Cherny (Axialent CEO)
As a member of Axialent’s founding team, Francisco combines the experience of opening new markets, partnering with global clients in their transformation journeys, and creating business operating platforms from scratch. Read more>

Richi Gil (Axialent CCO)
Managing Director and Chief Culture Officer, Richi is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years in global organizations and extensive experience in leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and the corporate world. Read more>

Pamela Mattsson (Axialent’s North America Managing Partner)
With more than 15 years of experience in international relationship management, consulting and entrepreneurship, Pamela is a leadership consultant and coach, course designer, and conference speaker.  Read more>

Joselyn DiPetta (Axialent’s North America Director of Diversity and Inclusion)
Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist with over 10 years of experience in communications for behavior change; project design, implementation and management; training design and delivery; advocacy and strategic communications. Read more>

Sudhir Chadalavada (Axialent consultant)
With a passion for guiding leaders and organizations who want to push the envelope of human innovation to unlock exceptional performance and deep personal fulfillment; Sudhir has worked with some of the top global organizations and CEOs of companies to help foster an environment of inspired action. Read more >

Cathy Glass (Axialent’s UK Managing Partner)
Cathy leads the UK & Nordic market as well as our Culture Practice, with an eye on continuously developing and improving our approach to culture transformation journeys. She has a passion for pulling the right levers for change, identifying what a company can do to shift to a higher-performing culture. Read more >

Vito Sgobba (Axialent’s Conscious Leader Regional Expert)
In his work, he focuses on learning, change, and organizational effectiveness. He gained much of his business knowledge working hands-on for more than a decade as a Manager at Banco Río, Argentina, where he was responsible for the quality and productivity area, commercial operations, and e-banking. Read more > 

Tim Altaffer (Axialent’s Brazil Associate Partner)
He has developed his professional career through more than 25 years in senior leadership positions in the fields of consumer packaged goods, life sciences and management consulting. Read more >

Mark Burrell (Axialent’s Australia Managing Partner)
He is an experienced senior executive and consultant working with C-level teams across multiple industry sectors with focus on leadership effectiveness, team performance, executive coaching and cultural change. Read more >

Andrew Cohn (Axialent Faculty Network Member)
For over 20 years he has worked globally as a consultant, facilitator, coach and problem-solver for businesses and individuals. Andrew’s work improves his clients’ business results and culture, and enhances individual performance and satisfaction. Andrew brings clarity to complex problems. He helps focus leaders at all levels on what matters most and how to effectively act on it. Read more >

Fernando Ribeiro (Axialent Faculty Network Member)
Fernando built his career in strategic management consulting and in the banking industry. Besides the role of consultant and banker, he has always supported the recruiting and coaching processes. This led him to move into the field of coaching and professional development. Read more >

Valentín Giró (Axialent Consultant)
He has experience in international consulting and multilateral organizations. Valentín enjoys integrating his passion for mountain-climbing in workshops and programs for businesses interested in experience-learning. On his website you can follow his blog and see among other how he uses climbing and the mountain itself as metaphors for the challenges that people and teams face within organizations. Read more >

Maria Ferrante (Axialent Consultant)
Maria combines a solid background in diagnostic tools management with developing expertise in culture assessment and development, and a passion for learning that has enabled her to deliver projects and build knowledge both for internal development and with clients in an impeccable manner. Read more >

Michelle Hollingshead (Axialent Faculty Network Member)
Michelle is a Certified Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, whose mission is helping individuals and organizations leave a meaningful imprint on our world. She is committed to human beings realizing their potential with a focus on conscious leadership, authentic communication, and culture transformation. Read more>

David Gebler (Axialent Faculty Network Member)
David works with senior leadership teams to accurately measure what motivates and drives behavior in organizations, using those results to improve their performance. He can be reached at Read more>

Marc Roudebush (Axialent Faculty Network Member)
With a background in business management and marketing, Marc is an Executive Coach and Culture Change Consultant who has helped senior leaders achieve breakthrough results in companies from diverse industries. Read more >



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