Investing in Our People and Culture (& why it’s good to eat dog food!)

I declare up front that I love being in Axialent and I want us all to thrive to the max. What does that mean to me? It means every single person connected to Axialent feels valued, feels satisfied, and feels they can grow with us. Whatever their connection is with us – employee, associate, advisory board member, client – for every stakeholder that’s our spirit.

This new role has come as something of a surprise, as I’ve been devoted to client facing roles for over 20 years, the last eight with Axialent. As anyone who knows me will be aware, I love my clients and my client facing work … but what may be less well-known is that I get an even bigger kick out of setting our people up for success, crafting our teams to grow in our service to clients. It’s my purpose to set people up for success, whatever success looks like for them. So my life’s work has been to help organisations, teams, and individuals fulfil their purpose – as a consultant, a coach, a facilitator, and as a leader.  Now I get to do it for us in Axialent, that’s so exciting.

And it’s humbling, too. In this role I get the chance to practice what I preach in a very pragmatic way – that chance to help lift us up to another level, to nurture and develop a culture in Axialent that’s more open, more transparent, more satisfying, and more purposeful than ever before. Our purpose is to help people express their true natures, and I’m sure we can do more to achieve that for ourselves. So how to do that? It won’t be easy, will it? As we tell our clients, it’s tough to apply the medicine to yourself, people are always somewhat blind to their own culture and need help to change it for the better. We probably think we know better than anyone how to lead and develop a great company culture, because that’s what we do … but I think we need some help to be able to stand proud of who we are, as well as what we do; to be able to say, honestly, that we ‘walk our talk’.

For that reason I’m grateful that we now have Bill Withers on our Advisory Board; Bill has committed to help us ‘eat our own dog food’ (that’s how he as he says it, he’s Australian!) by guiding us through the ‘Adapt’ journey. Adapt is a pathway of systematic actions that will help us grow stronger as an entrepreneurial company, with a strong culture and a community of satisfied, happy people who are growing together. And it’s built on the foundational practice of conscious business. Step by step, this guide will help us become the best we can be, with a brilliant company culture of consciously engaged people, producing the results we dream of.

This week we are meeting with many of our Buenos Aires staff and I will listen to their views on what will help them now, in all their diversity, to feel more included and valued, as I make the action plans for us to get on the path. I’ll report back on how we go. 🙂Cathy Glass - Speaker Kit 2013


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  1. So glad you are taking this on. Couldn’t have anyone better, I’m thrilled as you are the best to take care of this aspect of Axialent.
    As I’ve been delivering over the last 4-5 years, I’ve always got lots of help from Axialent on the IT level. As well as this, I’ve so appreciated being able to come to you (and Brian McIlroy) for personal coaching when I really needed it. I was talking to Brian about you guys being so busy and yet it’s so great to be able to get this WE and I time with you. It’s very nurturing and enlightening and so helps with my delivery. I wonder if I’m the only one who needs to have this input? If there are others, perhaps we could do this, formally, for each other instead of coming to you guys the whole time? I know I have some assumptions in there, but it might be worth exploring.
    Love Jules

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